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Plans - Why robots are a hobby of mine and some loose plans.

Journal - Record of my ongoing robot endeavors.

Notes - Random documents concerning my robots.

"DE Robot 5" - Debot4 and 3 combined, #7.

"DE Robot 4" - Debot2 revisited, #6.

"DE Robot 3" - My fifth robot and third built from components. For DPRG's Wall Following, Quicktrip, and Line Following competitions.

"DE Robot 2" - My fourth robot and second one built from components. Main goal is basic room mapping.

"Bench - Mark III" - A Mark III Mini-Sumo made from a kit. My third robot and first robot built from a kit

"DE Robot 1" - My second robot. First one built from components.

Events -

DPRG Table-Top II - aka Table-Top 04b, 17 July 2004 at The Science Place, Dallas Texas.

DPRG Talent Show - November 11, 2004 at The Science Place, Dallas Texas.

Brian Huff and Friends - I ran across Brian giving a presentation of some kind and took a few pictures of his robotic creatures.

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