Robots - Notes - Crimping Tool and Pin for .100"

Works great to create connections to  PARTS Mark III controller J1 header or any common .100" header.

HT-213 Terminals Crimping Tool
For Computer pins and socket
D-Sub 20-28 AWG wire
Jameco part - 159265 Tool, Crimper, D-Sub Pin&Socke $10.95

Instructions on back of package.

WARNING - My instructions maybe all wrong. I was never shown how it's done and I have never seen any instructions other than the back of the crimping tool package.

<- Female Pins from Jameco -100765
Connector, Pin, Fem, Post T $0.11 each


Crimper Jaws a closer look ->

<- 24 Gauge strained wire folded once, more for electrical connection than for strength.

Back of pin against tooth of crimper jaw. Slight pressure to begin moving pin wings together to fit snug in socket opposite tooth of jaw. ->

<- Back side of crimper showing front of pin with folded wire inserted in pin and coming just flush of jaw edge. The wings will grab the folded wire very well and no extraneous wire strands will poke out.

Same picture as before but after pin has been crimped. ->

<- The finished crimp. Very strong. It may not look like the crimper has grabbed the wire but the electrical connection and stress relief is great. It is now ready to be inserted into a header or fitted with shrink wrap.  


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